Screw Compressors

Truck mounted compressors

Screw Compressors

XK12 / XK18

Oil-Free Screw Compressor

A range of direct, hydraulic and engine driven air-cooled, compact, contactless, oil-free screw compressors for use in the dry bulk road tanker markets.


For the discharge of dry products from road tankers including powders, granules, pellets and animal feeds.

Delivering flows up to 1068 m3 / hr, the XK range provides an ideal solution for all dry bulk discharge applications.

Benefits at a glance

  • Direct drive inside the chassis
  • Compact and lightweight – easy to install, maximum payload
  • Non-contacting rotors mean low service and life costs
  • High efficiency – lower fuel costs
  • Corrosion resistant – coated rotor design

General performance


  • Maximum flow: 625 m³ / hr (368 cfm) at 2.0 bar g (29 psi g)
  • Maximum pressure: 2.5 bar g (36 psi g)


  • Maximum flow: 1068 m³ / hr (1815 cfm) at 2.0 bar g (29 psi g)
  • Maximum pressure: 2.2 bar g (32 psi g)