Adsorption Dryers


Adsorption Dryers

From the autumn of 2015 the company RST Ltd. started production of self-branding adsorbent dryer. Depending on the needs of the customer, the products can be manufactured at very attractive price and good quality. Their management can be passive (time-consuming) or active, with a humidity sensor. Also, regeneration can be by using system air or a separate hot air turbine compressor (no loss of system air). The adsorbent dryer provides a constant dew point of -40 ° C to -70 ° C according to customer’s specifications.

These dryers are designed to provide clean and very dry compressed air. The inlet and outlet filters are delivered together with the machine to keep the air flow clean and maintain the integrity of the drier. It has a very reliable electronic controller that monitors the dryer to work perfectly throughout its lifetime. The products are equipped with special valves operating in a wide range of pressure, which saves energy.

Principle of operations

The dryers are equipped with a turbine compressor and high efficiency heater, which eliminate the use of valuable compressed air during regeneration. The fully automatic dryer system uses a fan to draw atmospheric air and send it through the heater. This hot air flow passes in the direction of the flow of drying. Hot air above 200 ° C regenerates moisture inside the drying tower and removes it completely. The advanced control system monitors the dew point and adjusts heating / regeneration, thus providing valuable energy savings. The heating cycle is completely insulated and ensures maximum efficiency.

Normal working conditions

  • 7 bar inlet pressure
  • an inlet temperature of 35 ° C
  • 100% relative air inlet relative humidity
  • nominal dew point of -40 ° C
  • maximum working pressure 12 bar (g)